The Jerusalem Orchestra East&West is a unique and fascinating cultural phenomenon.
Comprised of musicians from three major religions – celebrated soloists playing authentic Arab instruments, graduates of former USSR music academies and Israeli-born creative youths-the orchestra specializes in music originating in the Middle East, Arab countries,
Andalusia and the Maghreb.

Representing music of western culture are a full string section, ‘Broadwayesque’ brass section, three-percussionist rhythm section and a ‘hip’ bass guitarist. In the front row, representing music of the East, are seven soloists playing exotic traditional instruments – the qanoun, oud, ney flute, Arabic violin, flamenco guitar, mandolin and banjo.

The orchestra initiates artistic collaborations with vocal soloists representing a broad musical spectrum –from liturgical singers (paytanim) and virtuosos in oriental genres, through pop and rock performers, to opera singers.

Among the orchestra’s international collaborators are Enrico Macias, Yasmin Levy, Ishtar Alabina and the Gypsies, Emil Zrihen, Benjamin Bouzaglo, Maurice el Medioni and Abdesalam Sfiani.

In recent years, the orchestra released two CDs – ‘Home is So Far Away’, in collaboration with the renowned Israeli rock band ‘Knesiat HaSechel’ (The Church of Reason), and ‘Andalusian Love Song’ in collaboration with the legendary Israeli-Spanish guitarist, singer-songwriter, David Broza.

The orchestra’s head conductor and musical director, Mr. Tom Cohen, is an internationally celebrated composer, conductor, arranger and musical producer renowned for his unique ability to convey Arab and North African music to classically trained, western musicians.

The orchestra is based at the Jerusalem Theatre and is supported annually by Israel’s Ministry of Culture and the Jerusalem municipality.


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